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5 Bullet Music Week #1


Thanks for all the great feedback from my previous 2 5 bullet posts.

I'm going to make this a regular feature, so here goes #1


5 bullet music week #1.


1. News headline of the week.

Paul McCartney signs a deal to get rights back to The Beatles songs.

Looks like he finally got his songs back after being outbid by Michael Jackson in the 80's!


2. Tutorials I've been watching.

Roger Burnley - Vocal coach. I love this guy. He always looks like he's having fun and has a unique way of giving advice through his own experience. Check him out here.


3. Video I watched this week:

Don't Get Too Close Nathaniel Rateliff - One of my favorite songs interpreted by the imagination Atlee Feingold. Fantastic :-)


4 Book I'm still reading:

I'm about half way through The Bruce Swedien Recording Method and am loving it. Lots of tips and tricks to try along the way. Bruce champions ribbon microphones so I'm looking at buying a single Royer 121 or a Royer 101 matched pair so I can use them to record in stereo using the Blumlein method. Anyone who has any thoughts on Royer mics please contact me.


5 My Music:

This week my friend Frank Kozlowski and I launched a new project - 'The Fresh Alligators'. We have signed an album deal with The Sound of Change label and will release an album later this year.

Read all about it and grab a free download (up until 14th July) of our debut single HERE.


Have a fun week. Until next weekend. 


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