5 Bullet Weekend

5 Bullet Weekend

1. News this week:

Manchester bombing. I still cannot understand, regardless of religion, politics etc, how any human being can make a decision to take innocent children and adult's lives as they wait to see a music concert.

2. Music this week:

I shared an unfinished song as I thought of the Manchester victims "Tumbling Down" .

3. Music this week:

Released a collection album "Chameleon". 10 songs from the archives (2010 - 2017) that draws a line under the past and I can now move on to a new sound and new projects. Find it on Spotify, iTunes etc.

4 Book I've ordered:

"The Bruce Swedien Recording Method" . I love Bruce. Love his work. Love his outlook on music and life. I'll let you know how it goes.

5 New audio 'plug-in' I've checked out:

OD DeEdger. I like what it's doing. But it's basically a De-esser with an adjustable Q band-width, designed mainly for mastering. It's expensive and you can get close with a stock de-esser, but see what you think, grab the demo.

Have fun 


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