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5 Bullet Weekend - 04 06 2017

Hey everyone

Here is your 5 bullet weekend for a week in music from the world of Will Echo.


1. Music news. The great audio website Mastering the mix announced they are creating a new file sharing platform for music & producers - see here.


2. Tutorials I've been watching. Check out Jason Moss from Behind The Speakers. This guy has a great way of conveying tech stuff clearly.


3. Videos I watched this week:

Went back in time this week to a couple of classics. Still loving this cover of Tears for fears "Madworld" by Gary Juels & what emotion in Sinead O'Conner "Nothing Compares To You".


4 Book I read:

Wabi-Sabi by Leonard Koren. Great for getting modern life into perspective and not sweating over the small stuff.


5 My Music:

Frank Kozlowski and I finished production work on "Tumbling Down" the debut single for our new band "The Fresh Alligators". Look out for news updates on this project soon. We are looking into possible crowd funding and label interest.

Tumbling Down artwork

Have a fun week. Until next weekend. 


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