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New Song "The Phoenix from the Flames"

Hope you are well and at peace on International Peace Day 2017.

Just to let you know there is a new single upload called "The Phoenix from the Flames".

The Phoenix From The Flames

A true melodramatic story song that tells the tale of a girl who's partner dies. She goes mad with despair and finally takes her own life, thinking she will be reborn into happiness.

The moral of the story:

Love the one you're with. Cherish them always, for good and for bad. Accept them unconditionally. You will be lost without them.............and kids, don't play with matches in a petrol station.

Have fun and peace



Happy International Peace Day 2017

Happy International Peace Day :-)

Please spare a thought today for those in need and help spread the word of this single.

Peace (for WarChild)

Peace for WarChild

Together we can raise awareness for the charity WarChild.

Thank you

Music For Peace

Music For Peace

The Second Coming

The second single from 'The BC' is coming!!!!!

Get Moving_The BC

"Get Moving" - release date 28th July 2017


Grab a free time-limited promotion copy for a limited time only upto release date 28th July 2017.


Please share :-)

New Download Single Released

I am pleased to announce the release of "Tumbling Down" by The Fresh Alligators.

This is our debut single.

Please support us by sharing the video and song links and join us on our journey :-)


For more info visit

5 Bullet Music Week #1

5 bullet music week #1.

New Band, New Single - Free Download for LIMITED TIME ONLY

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new project for my songwriting partner Frank Kozlowski and I.

Introducing 'The Fresh Alligators'.

5 Bullet Weekend - 04 06 2017

One week in music

5 Bullet Weekend

5 Bullet Weekend

Manchester Attack

I woke yesterday to the terrible news of the Manchester bombing attack and the terrible loss of innocent lives at a music concert.

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