Cannibalization of the music industry

The cannibalization of the music industry. Is it me or is it getting worse?

It seems the only people making money within the music industry these days are the people making money from the musicians who are devoted to making music. It seems we're feeding off ourselves within a virtual circus while everyone outside the industry looks on enjoying the show for free! Feed us to the lions!

Cannibalization within buisness circles is described by Wikipedia as a reduction in sales volume, sales revenue, or market share of one product as a result of the introduction of a new product by the same producer. 

We certainly have the demise of one product by the introduction of another. File sharing replacing physical copies.

It also goes on to state, While this may seem inherently negative, in the context of a carefully planned strategy, it can be effective, by ultimately growing the market, or better meeting consumer demands. Cannibalization is a key consideration inproduct portfolio analysis.

So, is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Is this new way of delivering musical content ultimately going to grow our market to a better place? Who knows.

Many words have been written on this subject, but if you know where we're all going with this, drop me a line and share your insight as no-one else seems to have a clue!

Can I make money as a songwriter?

If you are wondering, can I make a living from songwriting?

Check out this FAQ sheet from the International Songwriters Association. It makes interesting reading and also highlights a few scams to be wary of.

Thanks to all at ISA. An association for published songwriters.

Alice Gullick

This months 'Featured Artist' is Alice Gullick (find her in the featured artist section).

Thanks for sharing a great song Alice - 'Devil's Heart'.

2014 was a big year for Alice, highlights included releasing her debut single in November, performing on the Plymouth MTV Crashes stage and being highlighted on BBC Introducing as a featured artist. Also in 2014 she appeared as featured artist in The Herald (Plymouth) and PL magazine and blog for We Close Tonight.

Alice has already performed at several top London venues including The troubadour and Spice of Life and was back again at the end of January performing in Camden.

Watch out for her in 2015 as she has already been booked to perform in 2 local festivals here in the Southwest of England.

Recording Acoustic Guitar Tips

Great post for anyone looking to record an acoustic guitar. Goto The comments are worth a read too as they have some interesting content.


If you are reading this post, the site is already live, welcome.


I have decided to make the site live earlier than anticipated. Having started the undertaking of the new build it has become apparent that there will be no end to this project.


This site is work in progress and will always be work in progress! There is just so much to add this site will be continually updated on a daily/weekly basis. The content will always be updated and new stuff added. It will build over the comming months and years, I hope you'll join me for the ride and spread the word. It's all about music, song writing craft, recording, mixing and creativity.


Many thanks for stopping by.

10 steps to becoming a visionary songwriter


Do you have a vision for your latest production?


It's all to easy to jump into record mode once you've sketched out a new song, but as with many things in life, good preparation will improve the outcome of your task.

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW everyone from


May 2015 bring you everything you imagined.


Hope it's a wonderful, musical year.

Getting a cleaner signal chain!!!!!

Can Light Be Copyrighted?


I am currently uploading my back catalogue of song lyrics to a virtual songbook on the soon to be launched, all new, (look out for the new site in 2015).

I am happy that my songs are copyright protected and I totally get that I have created something in my mind that has never been created before, is totally unique and wouldn't have existed if it weren't for my creating them. This got me thinking about light images and copyright laws.

New For 2015


Hope this post finds you well and you are surviving or thriving in the festive build up!!!

Just to highlight what is changing at in the comming year.

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