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by Will Echo

Released 2010
Will Echo Records
Released 2010
Will Echo Records
Ten timeless classics full of energy and passion by a true artist who will reach the depths of your soul. A unique sound with a groove to match, your feet will want to dance, your heart will want to break. Awesome, infectious and engaging.
With the album ‘Fragile’ Will Echo has penned ten timeless classics, full of energy and passion. To give a brief insight to the music and mind of Will Echo the following excerpts are taken from a recent interview.

On his music…

“a lot of my songs are written on a personal level this one (I Still Love You, But) was written more from observation, from seeing someone else in the situation of still loving their partner but not able to get on with that person or to make a clean break, so they carry on in the relationship while avoiding each other whenever possible!..
...I love the sound and rhythm of words, and there is always a song going around in my head. If it is something that I can relate to personally I will write from experience otherwise I will recall things that I have seen and write from images. I write a lot of songs from what I see around me, I’m interested in people and their lives and like to write and comment on relationships and life situations, it’s what makes the world go round, so hopefully other people can relate to them too.”

And the music of others…

….”I will listen to anything from early jazz and blues to the current chart scene. But if I had to name a few stand-out artists then for me it’s all about great vocal tone and delivery, so artist such as Ray LaMontagne, Otis Reading, Steve Marriot (small faces), Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison (The Doors), and Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes) etc… artists where the vocals jump out of the speakers and makes you listen. I love artists that write in a non-obvious way and create moods with their music and vocals. I can’t say if anyone has influenced me, it’s really up to the listener to say if their styles are present in my work.”

It seems that everyone is talking about Will’s what they are saying…

• “This is really nice stuff. I especially like "Pour me a drink." Great writing, good pop vibe. This is what Dylan would sound like if he could actually sing!”
• “Really Dig "I’ll Call You From the USA"!! Really cool lyrics! You have a classic enduring quality about your sound!”
• "Fragile is KILLER!!! Just awesome"
• “Great songs. I can definitely understand the Dylan comparisons, but you got your own styles shining through”
• “Very impressed with the way you’ve structured your songs and the mood is somewhat soothing and ambient. Great work"
• “Cold Heart " is wonderful. Solid lyrics and stunning vocals. Really a lovely song”
• “Cool classic rock/folk sound. Very good song structure.”
• “It's unusual to hear a voice with a lone guitar sound like an orchestral movement…(I Still Love You, But)”
• “I really dig "Smile" Excellent story in your lyrics...outstanding music and voice as well...Very nice work!!!”
• “I can see the comparison to Dylan, but you're a bit more sensitive & melodic.”
• “Cold Heart" great tune Will! As all your productions are!!”
• "Fragile"! It's a very beautiful ballad! The music and the lyrics each play their part to set the mood! Impressive! Love it”
• “Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work! These songs are heartfelt and moving”
• “Infectious...This is some real cool stuff, different yet very comfortable. Great smooth voice, great songs, great variety... I dig!"
• “Great songs, really well crafted, I am just tipping my hat in respect!!!”
• "She Says" is one of my favorite one of yours....sounds awesome :) God, I love your voice so much :)”
• "Hope" is all we need with floods here in Australia, earth quakes in New Zealand, the impact of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the impact of stress of everyday life it is so rewarding to hear a song like this, makes it all worthwhile….Thank you!”
• “Beautiful music, a great voice and strong lyrics set you apart from the rest. You deserve a really huge audience”
• “I can't get enough of your songs!”
• “Very cool songs, you have an individual can tell its "you". Great songwriting”
• “Really like your sound - superb songwriting and the acoustic guitar sound is fresh!”
• “Great Lyrics - storytelling with passion”
• “Just listened to "Hope" and I must say I loved it! It has an understated power musically! It allows the vocals to set the mood throughout! Love it!”
• “I’ll Call You From the USA” is a great anthem. The elements are individual and classic but come together in a unique way”
• “I've only got one word to describe this artist and his style..........AWESOME!!!!!...This guy is talented…we need inspiration like you out there!!”
• “Great feel and style to your music! Well executed! Great voice and lyrics”
• “Loving SMILE!!--FANTASTIC!!!”
• "The Horse You've Gotta Ride is a cool song, great feelgood stuff!"
• “The horse you gotta ride"…It's great! Hits the spot, think I'm gonna go ride, ride, ride, my horse! thanks for the good vibes"
• “Wow, wonderful songs”
• “Nice stuff, very interesting production on Pour Me A Drink. It is like half-live. How did you do that?”
• “I can't tell you just how exciting it is for me to listen to you songs."Hope" is awesome!!! Congrats on such a wonderful song and performance”
• “Pour me a Drink'!! YEAHH!!! What an intro man :) I love how it morphs from a live sound into a studio sound and back again. Well clever- very well produced”
• “Pour me a Drink is too cool...I am also digging Lets Kiss...Excellent work!”
• “Love Fragile very much”
• "Let's Kiss"...Beautiful Will”