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The Fresh Alligators

Tumbling Down




Ofiicial BBC site: PLAY HERE


The Fresh Alligators are pleased to announce that their debut single "Tumbling Down" has caught the ears of the 'SOUND OF CHANGE' record label and together they will release an album that hopes to bite deep into the conscience of world attitude.



Songwriter/vocalist Will Echo and Musician/producer Frank Kozlowski are The Fresh Alligators. They first met online when Frank produced a track called "Thrill Seeking" on Echo's 2016 solo album "Headlines" and it soon became clear that the two shared a passion for creativity and a desire to write songs that stood above the crowded musical echelon.


The Fresh Alligators are snapping out a diverse blend of Adult Contemporary Pop Rock with a twist of Funk and will focus on songs with a message. They are currently in the studio recording a further 9 songs for their debut album which they hope will raise awareness for specific world events and social issues. "We honestly believe that music has the power to influence world events" said Frank.


When asked about their sound Will recalls "I was doing a sort of Brit Pop thing and some acoustic songs when I met Frank. But Frank has a great musical mind, he is a virtuoso keyboard player with a love of soundscapes and a deep knowledge of all things musical and together we've just grown into a whole new pop rock funk band blending electronic sounds with traditional guitars, drums and keyboards". "Yeah, whatever the song needs we will throw at it, ha" added Frank.


With their joining the 'SOUND OF CHANGE' record label The Fresh Alligators are looking forward to releasing their debut album towards the end of 2017, but they will also publish singles along the way as they are completed.


Frank expands " Yeah, we have decided to put out the singles as we record them and build towards the album release later this year. We really hope people will enjoy listening, join us on our journey and help us build a bit of a buzz as we go.


Will added, "Tumbling Down is the first single and is more a song of support that says, however bad today may be for you, there are good people in this world that will stand by your side and support you, so never give up and together we can make it right". He went on to say "The other songs on the album will be more focused on specific issues like the Somalia famine & homelessness. We really hope people will dig what we have to say and that in a small way we may be able to move a few minds in the right direction. But with or without success we are having fun, we've got a great songwriting relationship going and we both just want to write the best songs we can and communicate with as many people as possible. We just love creating our art and having fun".



Frank finished by saying "Please share the links to 'Tumbling Down' and the other songs we will publish to help spread the word. There will be pages on and facebook, please follow us. Find the Facebook page here. Thank you for your support".


"Tumbling Down" digital download single is available worldwide from iTunes and all global stores.


'Sound of Change' label is part of 'Keep The World Foundation' raising awarness and funds for good causes globally.