Happy New Year 2019 - New Music & New Website

Happy New Year One and All!
I hope you're having a fantastic holiday break full of fun, music and good memories.

Just a quick message to say a "Happy New Year" to you. I hope 2019 brings you more of all the good things you've imagined and another step closer to your dreams. Keep living the dream, whatever yours maybe.

2019 kicks off with a slick streamlined new look website here at willecho.com let me know what you think.

Also the new 2019 album is well under way with the first new single taken from the forthcoming album out Friday 4th Jan. The track is called "All of My Days". I hope you like it. Those of you who follow me on Spotify should already have heard a preview, if you're not following me - why not? - You're missing out - get over there right now! SPOTIFY

Check out a preview on Spotify - Please Note: You have to be a follower of mine to be able to see it - If you're not please click the follow button.

Otherwise it's official release is Friday 4th January 2019

Thanks for continuing to read these posts and listen to my music, it really is appreciated and without your plays and comments it would all be pointless. It's amazing to know that each and every day someone around the world is listening to one of my songs! That's what makes it all worth while, so thank you for your part in my dream.

Best wishes, 2019 - Bring it on!