Mr Brightside

For any songwriters out there; whenever that self-critical voice in your head (or an annoying one outside your head - you know the one, the one you want to punch!) says:

“Your lyrics aren’t good enough”

“There’s not enough melody”

“Your arrangement isn’t strong enough”

“There aren’t enough sections and not enough verse and chorus variation”

“your using the key home chord too much”

Just say “Mr Brightside” ….. enough said!!

At time of writing  325,142,813 views on youtube alone. A fav in the clubs with millions upon millions of plays and sales around the globe.

Analyze the song and you will find most of the words are delivered on one note with little melodic content; the arrangement is one verse and one chorus repeated; lyrics that aren’t the best over uninspiring chordal patterns.

BUT…..EVERYONE LOVES IT!!!! (including me)

Everyone will love what you do too if you write what you feel, exactly as you feel it - ignore the rules & deliver with passion - I’m talking, let go that inner passion within you, as though your life depended on it, make no apologies, no-one can tell you it’s wrong - it’s your song, and never look back, move on to the next song….and keep saying to yourself “Hey, remember MR BRIGHTSIDE”.

Have fun :-)