Newsletter - December

I hope you are doing fantastically well and have cleaned out your bank accounts with glee during the Black Friday event with all the lovely shiny stuff going for a song. I have made a couple of purchases myself which I will cover at the end of this newsletter; but on the subject of newsletters, from now on I have decided to trouble your bulging overworked mailbox only once a month in the form of a newsletter.

A revolutionary, game-changing idea I know! Today is that very first newsletter and I will endeavor to post one letter on the first Friday of each month so you can pursue it all through the weekend! I hope this is OK with you and you come to enjoy the read.

First a piece of new music news:
Christmas Song 2018 - "Christmas Without You"
As has become the tradition here at WillEchoRecords, I am putting out a Christmas song. "Bah Humbug" I hear you say!

Nevertheless the 2018 Christmas song is called "Christmas Without You" and is a collaborative effort between myself (lyrics and melody), Carl Grimes (vocals, music, production and arrangement) and Frank Kozlowski (original music and re-mix). As you can see Carl takes the vocal on this one and we've all had an input somewhere along the line and the outcome is 2 different versions; One version is true to Carl's Country  Music performance and a second a re-mix by Frank Kozlowski. Find them both here (Spotify or iTunes) - which do you prefer? Let me know.


Regarding the lyrics to songs, I've started adding the lyrical content to all my published works.
I have started with the current album "Two Sides". If like me, lyrics interest you and are a big part of the listening experience then take a slide across the Ethernet to the new page HERE.
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Black Friday Purchases

What did you buy during Black Friday week (or month as it has now become!). If you are like me and have an interest in Music Technology then Black Friday has become the highlight of the calander, it seems the discounts for us muso's eclipses other areas of commerce with as much as 90% discounts. It's a crazy time.

My two purchases were Steven Slate's VMS and Metric Halo's Channel Strip.

1. Slate VMS:
For those of you who don't know about this product, Slate's VMS is a microphone system that pairs an actual physical microphone with software that emulates many of the most expensive and prized microphones in history. The physical mic captures a sound and the software manipulates the recorded signal to sound the same as vintage wonderful microphones we all have heard on our favorite recordings over the years.

Like many people I have been skeptical of the product, can it really do all it claims? Well, I've been following it's progress for about 2 years now, reading reviews, shootouts, customer purchase reviews, anything I can find and the opinion seems to be that it gets VERY, VERY close! It seems no-one can tell the difference in a blind test where audio files have been cut at random see this thread. 

I'll let you know how I get on and will highlight where I use it in future newsletters. Let me know if you already have this or have an opinion on it.

2. Metric Halo - Channel Strip 3

This channel strip was recommended to me by my good friend Bill Decker. Billy uses it mainly as an EQ strip but also uses it on his vocal chain with the compressor switched in. It is a fantastic complete channel strip and could be all you need. It's always been on my wish list but a little pricey - not on Black Friday though, 89% off! Don't you just love the deals :-)

Two final notes for your attention:

1. There is a new area on the website called "Unpublished_Music"This will contain songs that I am writing but have yet to place on an album and publish. It will be a catalogue of all the songs I am writing, so if you are interested in hearing what I am up to at any given time, just stop by this page. These will be songs that find their way on to future albums or some may not. Join in, critique my work or contribute with a collaboration if you have ideas to enhance the song, please feel free to get involved before I set it free on the web forever. Any feedback or interaction of any kind would be gratefully received.
2. Regarding e-mail addresses; If you have been used to messaging me on my historical address of, this address is now over 10 years + old! Wow where did all that time go. It was used prior to my website creation back in the day. I am no longer checking this mailbox. Please contact me via the contact form on or the reply address on this newsletter of, many thanks.

To sign off, thanks for sticking with me, both in reading this and your support over the years, it feels like I'm only just beginning and have only just started to scratch the tip of an exciting iceberg, I've got so many songs and ideas to share with you so don't forget keep checking the new unpublished music area to keep up to speed. Until next month, have fun and enjoy the Christmas season. Merry Christmas to you, have a good one!