New single - Humans (radio edit)

Just a quick message to say,

The new single "Humans (radio edit)" is now live for streaming and downloads.

You'll notice it's a shortened "radio edit" version, the full length version complete with full sections will appear on the …

Be Happy in the Gutter!

I have a couple of bits of news to share with you if you have a moment. Firstly a quick shout out for a new release that features a sampled vocal line of mine.

The track is called "Be Happy

"Humans" - The album is finished

So I've finished the 2019 album "Humans", but am wondering what's the best way to present it to you?

I think listening habits have changed so much over recent times that maybe no-one actually wants or listens to albums any…


New Album "Humans" Update

I'd just like to update you on the progress of the new album "Humans".

All the songs are now complete and I will begin to master it next week with official release dates to follow.

Here is the artwork and…


Mr Brightside

For any songwriters out there; whenever that self-critical voice in your head (or an annoying one outside your head - you know the one, the one you want to punch!) says:

“Your lyrics aren’t good enough”

“There’s not enough melody”


News Update April

just checking in to give you some news of a couple of projects coming up this year. 

Firstly, I'm writing a book to be published later this year. I'll be posting updates in the "latest news" section on as…

New single "Moving On"

  • Hey there, just to say the new single for February is Moving On and is now available on a limited release to all of you following me on Spotify. Official release is Friday 1st of February but if you…

Happy New Year 2019 - New Music & New Website

Happy New Year One and All! I hope you're having a fantastic holiday break full of fun, music and good memories.

Just a quick message to say a "Happy New Year" to you. I hope 2019 brings you more…

Newsletter - December

I hope you are doing fantastically well and have cleaned out your bank accounts with glee during the Black Friday event with all the lovely shiny stuff going for a song. I have made a couple of purchases myself which…