Will signs to sentric music publishing

September 2020

Proud to announce that I've signed to Sentric Music Publishing. I am really excited to see what opportunities they bring my way, expect great things next year!

Crazy Days in rotation @ Planet Rock Radio - Sept '20

2020 single releases 












There are a couple of songs that have been released recently that have slipped through the blog system for 2020 so far; they are 'Fearless' with Frank Kozlowski and 'I Cannot Escape You'.

Fearless has currently racked up 37,000 plays on the Spotify platform alone, so thanks to everyone who has listened.

Both tracks are available on all music hosting websites, please have a listen.



Crazy Days 

Just a very quick message to say there is a new song on Spotify and all other platforms. I felt it was my duty as a songwriter to document my days in lockdown, so I wrote this song 'Crazy Days', a sketch of what I was seeing and feeling.

New Music - Don't Judge Me 

The latest new music to be published is the single 'Don't Judge Me'.  Find it on Spotify or any music streaming hosting site. It's a indie rock style song, just me having fun, imagining I was 21 again, what sort of song would I write? This would have been it!

New Music - 'Cracks (full band mix)' 

I hope this message finds you well, safe and secure during the ongoing pandemic. New music is coming fast with new songs published every other week. This weeks release is called "Cracks (full band mix)" find it here.

This is actually a re-working of a previous song. I've had some fun with it and added guitars and drums and stuff, the original version was a more minimal modern production, take a listen to both and let me know which you prefer (original version here).

Listening back to both versions now, I think I probably prefer the original, ha!!! See what you think?

Please consider following me on SPOTIFY . This is the single most important thing you can do to support me. Spotify is where all the action is happening right now and the more followers an artist has the more their music gets picked up and pushed to the top of the stack. A massive thanks if you have already followed me, but please, if you haven't, click the follow button HERE. Thank you.

New Album Officially Released & "Hope" Spotify Success 

Hi everyone,

In case you missed it, "Humans" the album went live this Friday and is available to download and stream from all known outlets around the globe! Here are the chosen few:


I hope you enjoy it, even if you have heard the "radio edit" singles, still go take a listen because all the album versions are different with additional sections or alternative arrangements. There are 3 previously unheard songs too. If you are interested in the words to the music, make your way over to the lyrics HERE . Let me know what you think.

Other news: The remix single "Hope" goes from strength to strength, after reaching the Amazon.de top 100 charts the song has found its way on to many "Spotify Playlists" and is clocking up 1000's of plays daily. Thanks to everyone who has listened and made this a success. Here are a selected few playlists that it appears on:

Bravo Hits 106
Adventure Time
Lounge Music 2019
Bravo Hits 2019
Coffee Break
NRJ Hits 2019
Sunday Chill & Weekend Vibes
Work Out Gym Selection
Fresh Pop Friday
Lolapalooza Berlin 2019
Caochella Hits
Godzilla King of Monsters
Afterparty Jams
House Party Hits
Time for a Chill Pill
Indie Jams
World Dance Music
Tik Tok Music
Single Charts Deutschland Top 100

Have a great week and get in touch anytime to chat, it is always a pleasure to read your e-mails.

All the best


"Hope" enters Amazon top 100 songs! 

Just wanted to share some exciting news; "Hope" remix by Frank Kozolwski and myself featuring vocals from award winning German vocalist Thomas Rodenbach was released last week in Germany and has gone straight into the top 100 charts for Amazon Germany. You can hear it in full on Spotify or download from amazon, among others.

Have a great week - and p.s; did you hear "Say Goodbye"? Look out for the album "Humans" released Oct 4th


New Single "Sunrise" 

Just a quick shout out to say that there is a new radio edit single available to stream or download from today - it's called "Sunrise". If you've ever woken on a glorious sunny morning, just as the sun is coming up and before your loved one beside you stirs, and you lie there admiring them thinking "you're beautiful", then this is for you, it captures that moment in music. Play it to your loved one tonight :-) 


New Single "We Won't Be Denied" 

The latest "radio edit" single from the forthcoming album "Humans" is now live for streaming or downloading. It is called "We Won't Be Denied".

Please follow the links below to check it out or click on the image.


I hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening.

p.s. Did you see the full set of lyrics for the new album "Humans" are now up on the website? Check out a couple of other tracks from "Humans" - "All of My Days" and "Humans"