New Album Officially Released & "Hope" Spotify Success 

Hi everyone,

In case you missed it, "Humans" the album went live this Friday and is available to download and stream from all known outlets around the globe! Here are the chosen few:


I hope you enjoy it, even if you have heard the "radio edit" singles, still go take a listen because all the album versions are different with additional sections or alternative arrangements. There are 3 previously unheard songs too. If you are interested in the words to the music, make your way over to the lyrics HERE . Let me know what you think.

Other news: The remix single "Hope" goes from strength to strength, after reaching the top 100 charts the song has found its way on to many "Spotify Playlists" and is clocking up 1000's of plays daily. Thanks to everyone who has listened and made this a success. Here are a selected few playlists that it appears on:

Bravo Hits 106
Adventure Time
Lounge Music 2019
Bravo Hits 2019
Coffee Break
NRJ Hits 2019
Sunday Chill & Weekend Vibes
Work Out Gym Selection
Fresh Pop Friday
Lolapalooza Berlin 2019
Caochella Hits
Godzilla King of Monsters
Afterparty Jams
House Party Hits
Time for a Chill Pill
Indie Jams
World Dance Music
Tik Tok Music
Single Charts Deutschland Top 100

Have a great week and get in touch anytime to chat, it is always a pleasure to read your e-mails.

All the best

Harrison Mixbus DOES NOT have a sound - until it does! 

Harrison Mixbus DOES NOT have a "sound" - until it does! - The “Sound” of Mixbus de-mystified

Let’s put this to bed once and for all using science, logic and clear thinking.

In answer to the question “does Harrison Mixbus have a sound?” Both these statements are true:

1. No - “Mixbus” DOES NOT have a “unique” sound – it sound exactly like every other DAW.
2. Yes - “Mixbus” DOES have a “unique” sound, but then so does every other DAW.

The answer depends on how you take the scientific measurements.

Therefore it is true to say that ALL DAWs will have both a “unique” sound and no “unique” sound at all. All DAWs sound exactly the same upon opening and become “unique” when plugins are added.

Let me explain further:

Fact 1: All DAWs in their basic state, with no plugins inserted, sound the same (Mixbus included).

Scientific proof: (firstly check the “points to note” below) Take a track and import it into Mixbus and one other DAW, exporting the track as you go without altering anything on each DAW. You will then have 2 exported files from 2 DAWs. Now import both files into the same project and change the polarity of one track/channel only. Press play and silence will result as both exports cancel each other out (two identical signals one with opposite polarity to the other = silence aka: null test) proving both signals are identical, proving both DAWs sound the same.

Points to note: If your exports are not cancelling out it is because of one of the following.
a. You have plugins inserted somewhere – deactivate them.
b. Panning laws are not the same on both DAWs – set them the same.
c. You are routing audio through a Mixbus “buss” with drive on – route straight to the master buss AND turn off the drive on the master buss too.
d. The master buss drive is on – turn it fully left.
e. You have the Mixbus “limiter” on – deactivate it.
f. You have not used a clean Mixbus session with all compressors and eq off – start with a clean session.
g. Sampling rates and bit rate is not the same – export at the same rates

So if all DAWs sound the same when “booted” up, at what point do they become “unique”. The answer is – when the sound is processed through a plugin.

Fact 2: There is no “voodoo” magic surrounding Mixbus bussing system.

Scientific Evidence: Repeat the “null” test above BUT this time route the audio to buss 1 ONLY (deactivate the master send in the source track), WITH the “drive” setting for buss 1 off – i.e turn the dial all the way left (the master buss drive should be off too). Export this new file and it will again cancel out to silence meaning that sending audio via a Mixbus buss does not change the sound and Mixbus still sounds like any other DAW.

So, where does Mixbus (or any other DAW) begin to sound “unique”.

As soon as you activate any of the included audio processing, albeit the buss “drive”, eq, compression or tone controls. Mixbus starts to sound different to all other DAWs.

BUT then, insert your choice of audio processing into a different DAW and that too starts to have a “unique” sound and become “unique” exactly the same as Mixbus does and at exactly the same stage.

To conclude: Mixbus is no different to any other DAW and in fact sounds and reacts EXACTLY the same up to the point of introducing audio processing through plugins.

The “sound” of Mixbus is the plugins Harrison have added. But that is no different than adding a collection of say “Waves” plugins to Cubase to create a “Cubase” sound. Remember all DAWs are equal upto the point of plugins.

Where Mixbus excels is that Harrison have carefully selected plugins for you that work together in a logical manner and have laid out your workflow and bussing for you, again in the most efficient way, so you don’t have to think about it.

Whether the plugins that Harrison have inserted are better than third party ones is another subject, and do these plugins make for a better mix? Does having everything simplified from the outset make for a better mix? These are subjective topics that cannot be proven scientifically.

One thing is for sure – Mixbus does not have a “sound” – until it does! No DAW has a sound until it does!

p.s - have you heard: "HOPE" & "SUNRISE"

"Hope" enters Amazon top 100 songs! 

Just wanted to share some exciting news; "Hope" remix by Frank Kozolwski and myself featuring vocals from award winning German vocalist Thomas Rodenbach was released last week in Germany and has gone straight into the top 100 charts for Amazon Germany. You can hear it in full on Spotify or download from amazon, among others.

Have a great week - and p.s; did you hear "Say Goodbye"? Look out for the album "Humans" released Oct 4th


New Single "Sunrise" 

Just a quick shout out to say that there is a new radio edit single available to stream or download from today - it's called "Sunrise". If you've ever woken on a glorious sunny morning, just as the sun is coming up and before your loved one beside you stirs, and you lie there admiring them thinking "you're beautiful", then this is for you, it captures that moment in music. Play it to your loved one tonight :-) 


New Single "We Won't Be Denied" 

The latest "radio edit" single from the forthcoming album "Humans" is now live for streaming or downloading. It is called "We Won't Be Denied".

Please follow the links below to check it out or click on the image.


I hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening.

p.s. Did you see the full set of lyrics for the new album "Humans" are now up on the website? Check out a couple of other tracks from "Humans" - "All of My Days" and "Humans"


How to perfect a demo 

I wanted to pass something on to you that I found an inspiration and I hope you will too.

So I stumbled upon a video of Michael Jackson recording for the demo of "beat it" (it looks like it was published on the "this is it" CD).Now I'm not a great fan of Michael Jackson personally but there is no denying that he was amazing at what he did.

Watch it here

I know most of you reading this will be musicians and songwriters in your own right, so watch the video in awe.

The timing and harmonies are incredible and the song is documented perfectly. I think this maybe the perfect way to perfect our songs prior to recording them. The vocal is the key element in every song and if you get the timing and phrasing spot on with some killer harmonies prior to recording the full song it's bound to make for a much better result. Timing problems are one of the key differences between pro and amateur results. So I'm off to do some acapella demos for the next album!

Talking of albums; just a quick cheap plug. All the lyrics to the new album "Humans" are now live on  please go check them out. There is also an opportunity to buy the physical CD 2 months before the official release, go here to find out how.

And finally, did you hear the "Humans" radio edit on spotify?

Look out for another new song next week.

Lots happening in August - Lyrics, New release & Album Advance Copies 

  • Hi there, just a quick shout out for news happening in August.


  • Order an advance copy of "Humans" the CD album NOW! Release date is not until October, but I have a limited supply of pre-release advance copies available to purchase NOW, listen to the complete album months in advance (remember the radio edit single versions are shortened edits of the full album songs).
  • Lyrics for the forthcoming album "Humans" have now been added to the "Lyrics" page.
  • August 2019 - August 23rd sees the release of the second "radio edit" single to be taken from the forthcoming album "Humans", it is called "We Won't Be Denied" and is a celebration of Human strength. (streaming and downloads)

Will Echo_We Won't Be Denied

New single - Humans (radio edit) 

Just a quick message to say,

The new single "Humans (radio edit)" is now live for streaming and downloads.

You'll notice it's a shortened "radio edit" version, the full length version complete with full sections will appear on the album "Humans" to be released later this year. The full length album track contains a extended intro, a middle 8 section omitted here, and further extensions.

Thanks for listening, have a great weekend, enjoy.


Be Happy in the Gutter! 

I have a couple of bits of news to share with you if you have a moment.
Firstly a quick shout out for a new release that features a sampled vocal line of mine.

The track is called "Be Happy in the Gutter" and is a collaboration with musician and friend Frank Kozlowski. Frank has recently signed to Italian Way Music and is posting some great stuff on BeatPort. This is a "Dance House Music" style production so check it out if that's your thang. You can hear the full version on Franks Spotify page or mine. Enjoy.


I've previously mentioned that rather than just release the new album "Humans", I was going to try something a bit different this year i.e. release shortened "radio edit" versions of each song leading up to the full album release. I have carefully edited each "radio edit" song so as to still provide a great listening experience but in a more user friendly package for your busy lives. The full versions can then be hear later when the album is officially released, if you want to go there with your curious mind.

The first example of this is the title track "Humans (radio edit)" which is scheduled for release on Friday 2nd August.

For those of you who follow me on Spotify it will be available in your stream sooner.


Finally, keep a look out for some exciting events coming up soon. There is a BIG re-mix release that will be hitting the stores in the coming months and more news of a pending book publication.

Thanks as always for reading these posts.

Take care